India's first corporate college catering to all learning needs of corporates under one roof.  

  • All learning Solutions    under one roof

  • Annual Contracts to    encompass all training    needs

  • Custom designed-    Accelerated Certificate    & Diploma Programs    designed and delivered    to suit specific needs of    companies

  • Fun learning in door    and out door sessions    making the learning    memorable and long    lasting

  • Creativity- encouraging    new concepts, new    thoughts and    innovation

  • SADBHAWANA- A platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, problems and finding solutions

  • Participative Learning-   case studies, open    discussion, exercises,    games

  • Faculty -Over 200    professionals with a    passion for teaching    and hands -on work    experience

  • Flexible- Adapted to suit    the convenience of    working people

  • Value for Time and    Money invested

      About Valuevarsity  

    We are pioneers of the concept of a Corporate College with over 200+professionals and renowned academicians who have a passion for teaching.

    Valuevarsity  is a leader in continuing education programs for corporates.
    All learning needs of corporates be it knowledge, consulting and research are  catered  to by our experienced faculty.

    We believe that education should be an enjoyable experience and learning should be holistic, unbridled and realistic, without over reliance on theory and history.

    Our long term aim is to pervade all areas of learning-engineering, health sciences, environment, space, social sciences, commerce and trade, arts and entertainment, emerging markets to encourage students to create and live in a better world.

    Our schools and colleges will be portals of new ideas generation and all-round development of individuals and society.

    Special Features

    • All Management Training needs of Corporates met under one roof
    • Professional Trainers in all areas of Management
    • Accelerated learning programs customized to suit every company’s needs.
    • Endeavour to change attitudes and  behavior and enhance  performance of people
    • Value for time and money invested
    • Over 170 companies on our client list
      About Bharati Vidyapeeth University  

    Bharati Vidyapeeth was founded in 1964 by Hon. Dr. Patangrao Kadam, who believes that ‘‘social transformation can be brought about through dynamic education.’’ Bharati Vidyapeeth University was established in 1996 u/s 3 of the UGC Act 1956:

    • A’ Grade Accreditation by NAAC in 2017
    • Fastest Growing Education entity
    • Multi-Location and Multi-Disciplinary University with 8 state-of-the-art Campuses at New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli & Sholapur.


    • Management, Retail, Hotel, Hospital Management
    • Engineering, Architecture, I.T., Biotechnology
    • Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy
    • Law, Social Sciences, Environment Sciences
    Vertical Integration in Business Sector like Banking, Sugar, Spinning, Biotech, Pharmacy, I.T.