India's first corporate college catering to all learning needs of corporates under one roof.  

  • All learning Solutions    under one roof

  • Annual Contracts to    encompass all training    needs

  • Custom designed-    Accelerated Certificate    & Diploma Programs    designed and delivered    to suit specific needs of    companies

  • Fun learning in door    and out door sessions    making the learning    memorable and long    lasting

  • Creativity- encouraging    new concepts, new    thoughts and    innovation

  • SADBHAWANA- A platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, problems and finding solutions

  • Participative Learning-   case studies, open    discussion, exercises,    games

  • Faculty -Over 200    professionals with a    passion for teaching    and hands -on work    experience

  • Flexible- Adapted to suit    the convenience of    working people

  • Value for Time and    Money invested

      1. The Program is well organized and well presented  
      2. Emotional intelligence is tool which should be applied at every available opportunity.  
      3. I think the effectiveness of us as managers will greatly increase if we can apply only 10% of what we have  
      got from this program.  
      1. My mind opened up to the many possibilities that I can do  
      2. Wonderful co-ordination and excellent faculty. Kept my interest throughout the whole program.  
      3. Training was fun. Enjoyed 5 days on campus honing my managerial skills  
      1. Felt good talking to Dr Shenoy!. She’s very patient and an understanding listener.  
      2. Opening up with real people, felt really good.  
      Emerson Climate Technologies(India) Ltd  
      1.It was an excellent teaching. This will build our career in organization to work more efficiently.  
      Bank of Maharashtra  
      1. The lecturers are doing their job by giving us very good lessons as if they are our friends.  
      2. This training is excellent & should given to all Bank employees.,  
      Mahanagar Gas Limited  
      1. All the faculties were excellent  
      2. We learnt a lot about contracts management from the learned and experienced faculty.  
      Crompton Greaves Limited  
      1. The program was excellent & the faculty was very effective..  
      Lupin Park Research Limited  
      1The program taught us to develop personal strength which transits our self to be successful leader  
      Post Office  
      1.The program was excellent & very helpful to our Organization (contd)  
      Mahindra Forgings Limited  
      1. The program was very good & knowledgeable.  
      TATA MOTORS The program was excellent. Such learning’s can be applied / used at any stage of life / working.  
      The program was excellent. Such learning’s can be applied / used at any stage of life / working.  
      United Western Bank Ltd  
      1. The subject Risk Management is very complex but was made very easy.  
      Bharat Forge Limited  
      1. The Organization of program was excellent. Great teaching thoughts & techniques were shared by all the  
      2. Such type of training programs required to relive pressure on mind & improve skills.  
      ALFA LAVAL  
      1. The program was excellent. It was absolutely nice way of training.