India's first corporate college catering to all learning needs of corporates under one roof.  

  • All learning Solutions    under one roof

  • Annual Contracts to    encompass all training    needs

  • Custom designed-    Accelerated Certificate    & Diploma Programs    designed and delivered    to suit specific needs of    companies

  • Fun learning in door    and out door sessions    making the learning    memorable and long    lasting

  • Creativity- encouraging    new concepts, new    thoughts and    innovation

  • SADBHAWANA- A platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, problems and finding solutions

  • Participative Learning-   case studies, open    discussion, exercises,    games

  • Faculty -Over 200    professionals with a    passion for teaching    and hands -on work    experience

  • Flexible- Adapted to suit    the convenience of    working people

  • Value for Time and    Money invested

      “The great aim of education is knowledge followed by wisdom, followed by right action.”  
      At Valuevarsity, our endeavor is to make education more meaningful, far-reaching and interesting so that young minds are opened to the vast possibilities that exist in our universe.  
      Vision Valuevarsity  
      is to shape men and women to be curious, courageous and capable of inventive thoughts and achievements. We want them to live a worthy life by not just making a living, but by also helping the society to progress in a sustainable environment.  
      Mission Valuevarsity  

    1. Valuevarsity’s long term aim is to pervade all areas of learning-engineering, health sciences, environment, space, social sciences, commerce and trade, entertainment & arts, global trends, to give confidence to students to develop their different intelligences and create a better world. 

    2. Our schools and colleges will be gateways  of freedom of  thought and expression, where dogmas are challenged and imagination is valued so that students can discover and apply  their highest potential

    3. Our teachers are passionate about teaching They do not merely fill them with ready-made facts and theories but co-opt them into becoming active participants in the learning process. Students are encouraged to find answers and solutions by experiential methods. 

    4. Teaching will involve multidisciplinary subject integration. The world is a combination of several interdependent systems (-social, political, financial, technological, environmental….) Students will be made aware of areas beyond their fields of specialization so that their minds are fertile enough to foster their talents and intelligences and make them enlightened citizens.

    5. In addition students’ verbal, cognitive, social and emotional and spiritual skills will be honed for their all-round development.
      At Valuevarsity, students’ freedom is preserved, minds are opened, and students are imbued to look upon learning as a lifelong, enjoyable activity.  
    Valuevarsity is a growing educational entity, set up with an aim of revamping education. All your novel ideas in
    making education productive and rewarding are welcome here
      to make education more enjoyable , realistic and suited to the flow of the times.  
      To grow into a global varsity, we also need resources .We welcome resources like experience and talent,  
      finance, infrastructure , services, from like-minded   people who believe in our vision of holistic  
      sustained and on-going learning.  
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